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Advances in telecommunication technologies have ensured that businesses are faced with an ever increasing array of choices than ever before. As the lines between phone, cable, mobile and internet increasingly blur, service providers are moving fast to grad this tremendous opportunity by bundling communications services and promoting costs to attract business attention. Malaysia based integrated telecommunications service provider, REDtone, has been dominating this space for years now. The company offers Telecommunications Services, Managed Telecommunications Network and Industry Digital Services, while adhering to utmost flexibility value and dependability to suit client’s business needs. Lau Bik Soon, Group CEO, elucidates, “Flexibility, value proposition and dependability are the virtues that are deeply ingrained into REDtone’s founding principles.”

Since its inception, REDtone focuses primarily on R&D and is known for its ground-breaking technical innovations. The company was conceptualized two decades ago by three industry veterans under the banner of VMS Technology Sdn Bhd (VMS) to provide proprietary voice mail systems, however, realizing the opportunities that are thronged open by the convergence of compute, telephony and digital communications, it was later rechristened as REDtone in 2002. The bubble burst that hit he telecommunications industry that year severely affected IT spending, but the company was able to survive by introducing discreet services such as discounted call services. Within three years, the company was able to spread its operations across Asia and also was recognized as Asia’s top supplier of voice mail systems.

REDtone also offers a vast range of ICT as-a-service business continuity and professional advisory services that enable enterprise customers to operate and transform their businesses. The company’s flexicloud ecosystem – which encompasses flexiCompute, flexiBackup, flexiDR, flexiPaaS and flexiSaaS – offers flexible , comprehensive, scalable, and cost-effective solutions specifically developed for SMEs and enterprises. REDtone flexiCloud on-demand services offer flexibility to pay only for what they use, while boosting productivity and cutting down on operational costs.

The company even offers web-based medical imaging platform over mobile networks to provide 24 hours on/off site radiology reporting service. In Internet of Things (IoT space, REDtone provides sensing-as-a-service to help customers gather valuable insights on their assets such as buildings and townships.

For cost-conscious businesses, REDtone SIPhony provides high quality phone service at a fraction of cost. Using breakthrough VoIP technology over a state-of-the-art network comprising two distinct service – SIP Trucking and Cloud PBX.

Having designed, built and managed thousands of WiFi hotsposts nationwide for metropolitan hubs, townships, shopping malls, hotels and educational institutions, REDtone is counted among top WiFi builders and operators today. Its expertise in cutting edge technologies such as Wireless Point-To-Point, Fibre, Metro E, Satellite, LTE (4G) and WiMax sets REDtone apart from others in the broadband and data space.

in the last 20 years, the company has won several awards, including Best Managed Companies and Best Small Cap among others. Other coveted accolades received are ‘Malaysia Smart City Solution provider’, ‘No.1 Discounted Call Service Provider’, ‘2005 Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu’ and many more. The clients to benefit from REDtone’s services comes from various industries including FSI, manufacturing, services, property development, retails, hospitality, corporate government sector etc. REDtone’s growing client base in Telecommunications, Managed Telecommunication Network Services, across the industries, provides it enough impetus to further strengthen its hold in the Malaysia market and expand regionally.

Source: APAC CIO Outlook. Page 39



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