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Know your customer’s challenges and goals so that you can customised the solutions to their needs

As the broadband specialist for organisations, REDtone is the only service provider in the industry with a unique suite of last-mile technologies such as Wireless Point-to-Point, Metro E, Fibre, Satellite, LTE (4G), ADSL, WiMAX and microwave. This enables us to provide infrastructure integration expertise and broadband on demand.

We listen to our customers, so as to understand their needs and provide prompt advice and solutions, base on our experience and technical capabilities.

“Flexibility”, “Value” and “Dependability”: Three simple yet powerful words that set out REDtone’s promise to our customers, underscoring our commitment to delivering reliable services with the utmost professionalism.

Don’t just take our words for it. Hear what our broadband and data customers say about working with us, which we believe is a strong testament to the service excellence that we delivered to our customers.

Customer 1 : A Pioneer and leading steel manufacturer in Malaysia

“We have been engaging with REDtone for their fiber leased line services since 2014 and have since replaced all our manufacturing plant’s internet to REDtone.

We did not have an easy set up as our plants are located at outskirts and industrial area that are far from townships, limiting the options of our internet connectivity. We have engaged with many major Telco to provide fiber services to our plants, but only REDtone managed to deploy fiber internet services to all our plants.

REDtone service is impeccable, there has not been any major downtime occurrence since engaging them for their fiber leased line. We appreciate the fast response from the first level support and the personal service we get from our account manager on an ongoing basis.”

Customer 2: Malaysia’s leading healthcare provider offering comprehensive medical facilities and qualified medical experts.

“We have been engaging REDtone for their internet and point to point services. We first subscribed to REDtone because they are the only provider that offers a variety of last mile connectivity to our hospital at a reasonable cost.

Having high speed fiber internet connectivity and a redundant infrastructure from REDtone means we can get things done more quickly and efficiently with a peace of mind. Service from REDtone is second to none, there has been no occasion of downtime since we have subscribed to REDtone.

We have great confidence in choosing REDtone services and would recommend you to engage them for your telco needs as well.”

Customer 3: One of the largest supply chain solution and manufacturer.

“The dedicated and responsible of the account manager, effective infra team, and proactive team from NOC & support team has made us continuously support redtone since 2004. We see the momentum of continue improving and trust REDtone can strive better to serve us.”



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