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Choosing The Right Phone System For Your Business

Voice service is still the main communication channel for most companies today. A professional and reliable phone system or voice solution can always increase the trustworthiness of your business and streamline your internal and external communication process.

The best  business phone system should offer you the features you need while keeping costs low. Therefore, more and more organizations are upgrading their communication systems to VoIP. If you’re also looking for a new business phone system that suits your business needs best, here are the 5 fundamental questions need to be answered.

  1. What is the type of phone system you need?
  2. How much are you willing to invest (the initial set-up cost)?
  3. Do you want cloud-based system or a on-premises?
  4. Do you need to do business over mobile phones?

To answer the questions above, it is very important that you understand the options available for you.

What are the types of phone systems available today?

There are 2 main types of phone systems: Analog and VoIP.


Traditional analog phone service is typically supported by local telcos. It relies on the PSTN – complex system of hardwired landlines – to transmit calls. We’re all familiar with it. Yet that doesn’t mean it is still the best choice, especially for businesses in global market.

In fact, this old school and inflexible solution is being phased out by VoIP and other Virtual phone systems because it can no longer compete with those new services in terms of features, cost and maintenance.

VoIP System

VoIP phone system works through the Internet you are using rather than a copper wiring. Demand for VoIP services is rising owing to low upfront, maintenance and usage cost with higher flexibility, effortless customization, unrestricted scalability.


Cloud-based or premises-based system?

If you are interested in VoIP and then reach out to VoIP service providers, they will offer you either Cloud-based or premises-based system. We don’t always trust sales guys and simply accept what they offer but do you want to delve into telecom world to choose the best one for your company?

To make a right decision, consider 3 basic differences between Premises-based and Cloud-based systems below.

1. Cost

If you go for on- premises system, you should expect to pay high upfront cost for IP-PBX, high subscription plan and installation costs. Beside hardware and setup costs, there will be maintenance and service costs, in the event re-configure or add more phone lines are required.

However, many businesses are moving away from aging software and hardware of phone solutions to cloud-based communication system because the later offers better features at a fraction of cost of traditional phone system.  You still have full control over your phone system and enjoy the flexibility in re-configuration with just an online account. Thus, there do not need to have a dedicated IT personnel to manage the system.

2. Flexibility

On-premise systems require a third-party softphone app to communicate between a mobile device and the on-premise software. Even though, the softphone apps are normally free for download,  the business plan subscription packages with all neccesary features cater for business communications could potentially increase your total communications cost significantly. Not to mention, the high initial investment on IP-PBX system.

In contrast, most cloud based systems can be accessed easily from any mobile devices, and many even offer built-in mobile apps allowing you to stay in touch with business calls regardless of where you are.

3. Scalability

You should also consider whether your team will grow fast and hence need to increase the number of phone lines. If you expect to sale up your voice system, then a premises-based phone system will not as suitable as compare to a cloud-based solution. To reconfigure an on-premise IP-PBX is rather complex and definitely require an IT specialist, while cloud PBX allows you to simply add or remove phone extensions from your online account.

REDtone Siphony – Cloud PBX

Siphony Cloud PBX solution enables you to easily mix and match the various apps to fit your communication needs by giving you the ability to extend and scale your phone system effortlessly.

You can setup voice greetings, create phone extensions to forward calls anywhere: office, mobile or home. Furthermore, you can buy landline, mobile, toll-free numbers from siphony online store.  All calls made between Siphony DID numbers are free. Best of all, there is no minimum contract.


  • Unlimited layers of automated phone attendant
  • Call transfer, call hold and call into conference
  • Call hunting – ring queue and ring group
  • Missed call message and voicemail notification to email
  • Built-in Siphony Bizphone apps and compatibility with all SIP-enabled devices
  • Separate DID for each sub-IVR menu level
  • International numbers, toll free, landline, mobile and golden numbers
  • User-friendly portal to set up and update phone system

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