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“Be a Disruptor, or expect to Be Disrupted”

Businesses must evolve in today’s digital economy to stay relevant. Cloud computing lays the cornerstone of an enterprise’s digital evolution. The adoption of the cloud model helps the organisation advance into the digital realm. In fact, cloud computing fuels digital disruption, and enables the business enterprise to pursue digital transformation.

According to the IT Transformation Maturity Curve Study conducted by the Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), more Malaysian businesses need to digitally transform to avoid falling behind.

With many benefits to it including high reliability, availability and scalability plus cost savings, REDtone flexiCloud is designed to facilitate enterprises’ shift to cloud computing and acts as a catalyst for digital evolution. Thus, it is the go-to technology partner for enterprises pursuing digital transformation.

REDtone flexiCloud leverages on technology and business solutions to enable enterprises to become more competitive and sustainable, to meet customers’ constantly changing needs and to reach out to a larger customer base. Companies can also quickly revise internal processes and enhance their customer experience to keep up with dynamic environments.

Currently, flexiCloud services focus at the retail, healthcare, e-commerce / logistics and supply chain and smart cities sectors, as these sectors have the highest potential for cloud services due to the ecosystems they need to operate in, be it the business model in the form of B2B or B2B2C or B2C, and the very competitive environment in which they operate.

In short, cloud computing serve as a catalyst for digital transformation so that businesses can be ahead of the game and their quest for leadership in their respective industries. However, businesses facing digital transformation are no longer “going it alone”. Finding the right partner is mission critical.

Talk to us today, and let’s embark on this challenging yet rewarding journey together !

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