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About REDtone

REDtone is an integrated telecommunications service provider catering to niche market segments. A subsidiary of Berjaya Corporation Bhd, REDtone was listed on Bursa Malaysia in 2004. A well respected home-grown brand founded in 1996, REDtone has evolved from a voice provider to one that offers an extensive range of services under three main categories:

1. Telecommunications Services

Offers data and voice services to government, enterprises and SMEs. REDtone is the only service provider in the industry to provide infrastructure integration expertise. Its access to a unique suite of last mile technologies also enables it to offer broadband-on-demand.

2. Managed Telecommunications Network Services

Build, maintain and operating large scale WiFi hotspots, base stations and fiber optic infrastructure.

3. Industry Digital Services

Data centre servicescloud services and applications, Internet of Things (IOT) and healthcare solutions.

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