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4 Things to Look for in a Phone Solution for Large Enterprises in 2018

Businesses have more choices than ever when it comes to phone systems. Be it a landline, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), on-premises, cloud-hosted or completely virtual system, businesses now have vast selections. Therefore, deciding on a phone system that is right for your business can often be a difficult undertaking.

In PwC’s special report The Workforce of the Future – Competing Forces Shaping 2030, mobility plays a key role in their projections for the decade ahead.

The report says that organizations need to be “stripped down and nimble,” attracting talent that moves frequently and stays only as long as a project lasts. 60% of professionals surveyed said that “few people will have stable, long-term employment in the future.”

Hard-wired phone system and the heavy investment they require will be much harder to justify, while virtual phone systems, which move capital expenditures to operating expense, make it much easier to add and delete users


Thus, moving forward, the best phone system for business should equipped with features which allow workflow simplification, connecting multiple sites and support mobile workforce, scalability and ease of use, as well as reliable and stable calls quality.

  1. Simplify the workflow

New IP phone systems can integrate seamlessly with Google Analytics, CRM, and many other systems through Zapier. This will ultimately save time and increase work productivity. For instance, a cloud PBX system provides built in ticketing system with full customer history, automatic ticket creation, and call recording, allowing customer service teams to provide phone support from the same platform. Also, with the Call Tracking tool, business can track the source of every incoming calls and eventually use as a evaluation tool for marketing campaigns ROI and telesales productivity.

  1. Connect multiple sites and support mobile workforce

Cloud PBX allows users to call from any phone available from company’s direct line number or any numbers in countries they are attached to, while maintaining similar voicemail and extension. Besides, users can divert calls to their mobile phone numbers in any countries. Thus, provide great convenience to the mobile workforce. This feature also allows calls from HQs to any teammates on their mobile number regardless of the location they are in, by only dialling an internal extension number.

  1. Highly scalable and ease of use

Business VoIP is perfectly cater for business that are growing fast and require the flexibility to scale-up their phone system rapidly. The online dashboard tracks account statistics, and phone usage details. With a few simple clicks, business can upgrade or change their account easily. Relocating is hassle free too by simply plug in the phone into the access point or router at the new location.

  1. Reliable and stable calls quality

Whether a call suffers from echo, choppiness, delay or any other disruptions, would bring undeniably negative effects to a business. Hence, it is important to choose a phone system provider that guarantees high availability with stable calls quality. Select a well-established telco with solid track records.

If the above features meet the requirements of the business phone system that you are looking for, switch to REDtone SIPhony today. It comes with seamless integration capability and provide businesses with complete communication solution.

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