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Physical Store VS Online Store

Having a physical store is a grueling process, one that requires tons of patience and extensive planning. As of now, consumer shopping can be subdivided into two major camps — online shopping vs in-store shopping. In this blog, zoom on comparing a physical shop & an online shop. Overcome Geographical […]

Future-Proof Hosted Call Centre

Superior customer service is the distinguishing factor that determines the success of all organisations. Sales or support calls that are not handled properly can result in lost revenue and damaged reputations. Hence, it is of upmost importance for organisations to get their call centres right and operating efficiently. Traditional proprietary […]

More Businesses Are Shifting to Hosted PBX

In recent years, Hosted PBX service has advanced by leaps and bounds and become a highly welcome communication option for businesses. However, there are organisations that are deferring the adoption of this service as long as their current telephone system continues to perform. Hence, some may still be operating with […]

The Future of Digital Transformation

Top 10 Worldwide Predictions for 2019: The Way Forward for Malaysians Digital transformation is more than just a buzzword; it’s happening for just about every type of business. Digital disruption is inevitable, and it is the way of the world now. Therefore, it is imperative for businesses to embrace the […]

Here’s the Transcript of YB Tuan Sim Tze Tzin Deputy Minister, Ministry of Agriculture & Agro-Based Industry (MOA) during Agri Malaysia 2018

Agri Malaysia, Smart farming, Smart agriculture, Smart greenhouse, IoT, Technology

Source: Furnished by Expoglobe Sdn Bhd Selamat Petang and Good afternoon, Distinguished guests, First and foremost, on behalf of Ministry of Agriculture and Agro-based Industry (MOA), I wish to extend my deep appreciation and congratulation to the team of AGRI Malaysia for hosting another successful international event this year, it […]


Agri Malaysia, Smart farming, Smart agriculture, Smart greenhouse, IoT, Technology

    Agriculture Meets Technology According to the United Nations, the world’s population is estimated to increase by 29% to 9.8 billion in 2050. This will put enormous pressure on the world’s resources, particularly the agriculture sector. It is therefore essential to develop sustainable measures that will significantly increase output to […]